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Set up in 1989 by Richard 'Deadly Dicker' Hopkins 9th Dan H.O.F.

Richard Hopkins felt that himself and many Instructors around the UK were being treated badly in many ways with the old Instructor system in a financial way and a moral way, a person can only take so much from those above so hence the WUMA Federation was formed. The new WUMA Federation decided to look after the instructors in every way possible.

The federation grew and grew and now has over 1200 registered schools and around 28,000 members in the UK. Over 67 Countries have now affiliated and we are truly established within the world of Martial Arts. We feel that our success is due to the fact that we care.

We feel that we offer much more to Students, Instructors & Associations with a No Politics' attitude.

Through the years the Federation has had many successes in major tournaments such as:


  • FSK and MAI events

  • German Open

  • Swiss Open

  • Florida Open

  • Clash of the Titans

  • Irish Open

  • US Open

  • Clash of the Square Ring etc.

  • World Championships

  • European Champs

  • British Championships

The Federation has run European and World Championships since 1995:


  • The 1995 European Championships were held in England.

  • The 1996 World Championships were held in England.

  • The 1998 World Championships were held in England.

  • The 2000 World Championships were held in Sicily.

  • The 2002 World Championships were held in Denmark.

  • The 2004 World Championships were held in Germany.

  • The 2006 World Championships were held in Malta.

  • The 2008 World Championships were held in Greece.

  • The 2013 World Championships were held in Switzerland

  • The 2014 World Championships were held in Switzerland

  • The 2016 World Championships were held in Sicily

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