Instructors/Coaches bringing 3 or more competitors can apply for their free entry. Their competitors must have pre-registered before the Instructor/Coach applies. Instructors/Coaches click the button below to apply


Administration, Postage & Packaging

There is a fee of £5.01 for each UK Instructor/Coaches wristband. Other countries may vary.


Missing Information

You must fill in ALL sections and information on the above form. Failure to do this may result in you being refused entry.

Instructor/Coach - Pre-Registration


I understand it is my resposibility to ensure I have filled in all information accurately. I understand that Martial Arts is a contact sport and that any injury my competitors incur at the tournament dated above is entirely at my their own risk. I will not hold the organisers or any other persons responsible other than myself or my competitors. I understand that my image may be caught on video or still imagery at the event dated above and used by the event organisers or permitted persons. I understand that all payments made are non-refundable.

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